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Snow Removal

Because no one likes getting stuck in their driveway

Feet of Snow Removed

Commercial Snow Removal

Turf Tamers can custom design a snow removal plan for your business to ensure when the snow flies you will rest easy and be confident your customers will have no access problems to your place of business.  With our wide variety of equipment and many years of experience, no job is too large.  Please call today to discuss your needs as our list fills quickly!

Residential Snow Removal

Snow in our region is a huge barrier to easy travel in the winter.  Turf Tamers strives to keep every driveway open to allow our customers to get to work on time every day.  We use large blowers to cut down on the piles in the yard and to leave your property looking professional.  No more large snow piles!

Snow Hauling

When snow piles become too large on your commercial or residential lot, please give us a call to haul the snow away.  Whether your needs are due to concerns of flooding or to give additional parking space, we can take care of you!

Sanding and Lot Salting

Preventing winter slips and falls are a huge concern for us. We never want to see any customer injured due to ice on your property.  Turf Tamers can sand large lots or put down a chemical on your sidewalks and walkways.  Please give us a call immediately because once someone slips and falls, it is too late!