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Lawn Services

You grow it and we mow it

We provide a full list of lawn care services ranging from mowing to shrub trimming.

Envious Neighbors

Mowing Commercial and Residential

Turf Tamers provides a professional mowing service that will leave your yard looking fit for a baseball game.  We use Walker mowers which bags the clippings and debris and will keep your yard looking pristine all summer long. We also provide rough cut and discharge mowing for large empty lots and development land.

Spring and Fall Clean-up

Turf Tamers can include shrub cleaning, window wells, and even tree lines in this service. In the spring, we also recommend sand removal on the boulevard.  The sand has chemicals that are detrimental to the growth of your yard.

Aeration and Over Seeding

The aeration process pulls plugs of soil out of the yeard exposing the root system of the grass, which allows for more oxygen to reach the grass.  Aeration will prevent soil compaction and allows for better growth and root development.  Aeration is often teamed with over seeding, which simply adds seed to the yard after plugging it.  The combination of aeration and over seeding will greatly increase the odds of a more green and lush yard.

Chemical Application

Chemical application is a must in maintaining a healthy yard.  The process involves applying a combination of liquid and granular fertilizers and weed killers.  The process will kill most existing weeds and prevent new ones from forming.  Chemical application will thicken the grass and give it the deep green look everyone strives to attain.  Results will not happen overnight, however, when teamed with our other services, impressive results will occur in the first year of lawn care.

Power Raking and Dethatching

Power raking is a process of flailing blades vertically into the top layer of soil and matter of the yard pulling up dead grass, debris, and mulch.  The very top layer of the yard is aerated which allows more oxygen to reach the roots of the grass.  Spring or fall is the only time to perform this service.  In the spring, it must be done before the grass comes out of the dormant state.  Dethatching is the perfect way to thicken your lawn.

Shrub Trimming and Edging

Shrub trimming and pruning is a great way to add some spice to your property. Having well maintained shrubs and tress adds curb appeal to your property while promoting healthy growth within the plants.  The plants will actually thicken up and fill in the trimming. Edging is another way to leave your property looking well groomed and polished.  Edging creates clean lines along your sidewalk, driveway, and curb and will stop overgrowth onto the cement.