Turf Tamers LLC
Jessica Berg
Jessica Berg
posted 1 year ago

Dave did an amazing job! We will be using this company again!!

Cory Michels
Cory Michels
posted 2 years ago

I got great customer service. They called us right away when sod arrived. Product looks great. I would recommend them to anyone.

Max Herrera
Max Herrera
posted 4 years ago

It is clear that the staff values their customers and this is evident through the extra effort they put into our properties. If they notice something is wrong they alert us immediately and make sure we can address the issue. They are a great staff to work with and I highly recommend Turf Tamers.


No Snow Salute

Turf Tamers is launching a snow removal giveaway

We will be accepting nominations year round with winners being chosen in Fall of 2019. The giveaway applies, but is not limited to, active or retired military, national guard, law enforcement, fire rescue, and emergency medical personnel currently living in Fargo, Moorhead, or West Fargo.

The giveaway includes two separate categories;

First place

One seasonal snow removal contract

Second place

$250 gift card*

*Gift card is for services at Turf Tamers

Category one is a giveaway for an active or retired duty military or national guard member or family.

Category two is a giveaway geared towards an active duty or retired Police, Fire, or EMS member.

Nominees must live in a single household in Fargo, West Fargo, or Moorhead. AllĀ prizes may be gifted to another eligible service member. Nominations must be completed and submitted onlineĀ on this webpage. Some restrictions apply.

No Snow Salute Nomination

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Past Winners